Stranded in the Shower

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So, this week as I try to think of something that would be a great entry for my new blog, I sat and pondered because I sit here thinking “Is my life really that interesting?”.  Well of course my kids showed me that it doesn’t matter if I think my life is interesting or not, they will sure make it that way!

I wanted to start a parenting blog to document all the awesome moments that happen in my life with my two beautiful kids and my wonderful husband.  Being a stay at home mom, I get to see almost EVERYTHING that happens in my kids’ lives day to day.  They never cease to amaze me and terrify me all at the same time.  Do you know that Clorox commercial that says something in the aspect of parenting is part joy and part oh boy?  Well, I had that moment the other day with my almost 4-year-old daughter and my 1 year old son.  I always looked at that commercial like, OK, well it’s not that bad.  Most of the time I can get through the day with no problem. Even if they are puking, peeing, or pooping on themselves, it’s all bodily functions that can be cleaned decently well with some wipes, soap, water, or maybe even a second bath for the day, but maybe not the whole Clorox part.

Mind you, my daughter has yet to get the mop and put it in the toilet like the kid in the commercial, I think she knows better.  My daughter loves to help with everything during the day from cooking to cleaning to even “baby sitting” her younger brother. Her birthday is right around the corner, in June, and she will be the big 4 years old.  She reminds me of this everyday about 200 times a day.  She’s also super excited, of course, so she tries to take on bigger jobs around the house.  I must mention with me being super OCD it takes a lot for me to just let her take control of things.  I can say from the time she was born until now I have loosened up quite a bit for her sake. I don’t want to take away any valuable learning experiences from her.

Well, sometimes during the day when I feel like I have a moment to take a shower, I take that opportunity by the reigns.  Otherwise I am waiting until my husband gets home from work or after they go to bed at night.  These showers that I get during the day are almost strictly just to get clean, and maybe I get to shave under my arms (so luxurious right).  I just hate feeling like a slob during the day when I am chasing the kids around and most of the time at night I am too tired to get my tail in the shower.  Yes, I know, at this stage you are wondering why I don’t just take one before the kids get up.  Well that is simply because my kids are my alarm clock, so when the baby wakes up I wake up.  I hate mornings!

Gotta do what you gotta do, am I right?

Earlier this week I needed one of my, “during the day all by myself with the kids” type of showers.  I had plans that night and didn’t have time to wait for my husband to get home to watch the kids.  My son had just woken up from his nap and I didn’t have a moment while he was napping, due to other things around the house that needed to get done.  Our bathroom is connected to our bedroom so I normally just close the bedroom door and make sure the room is safe for both the kids to roam around and play with toys or watch TV while I take a shower.  I keep the bathroom door open so I can hear them and peak out of the shower curtain if it sounds like something crazy is going on.

As I am in the shower my son keeps coming in the bathroom and then going back into the bedroom. Well my daughter didn’t like this and decided to keep closing the door.  Me telling her to keep it open was a hit and miss and since I was almost done with my shower I just let it go and didn’t worry about it anymore.  My showers during the day honestly only take about 8 minutes or less because of the little one.  On this o, so special day, my daughter thought she was going to be a big help and change her brother’s dirty diaper, and by dirty, I mean poopy diaper.

Her mind was almost thinking in a sneaky way because she started this after she closed the door.  I’m assuming he make this nasty in his diaper while I was in the shower because before I got in, his diaper was just fine.  This is not something my daughter normally does, yes she watches me change his diaper and asks all the time if she can help and most of the time I say “maybe next time”.  She has HELPED me wipe him with me there guiding her but of course never alone.

Well I guess this time she thought “Alright mommy is in the shower and I can show her how big I’m getting by changing his diaper”.  Mind you, my son is at that age now where he doesn’t want to lay down to get his diaper changed, he kicks and rolls and all those other things one year old’s like to do.

Before I know it, my daughter comes in the bathroom as I am putting conditioner in my hair saying “Mom he pooped so I’m trying to change it but he keeps running away”.  It took a second for this to register since I cannot actively see her due to the shower curtain.  Well, when it did click I look to see my bottomless son, with poop still on his butt, standing on the step stool by the sink that my daughter uses to reach the sink.  She is kneeling with a wipe saying “It’s okay mom, I got it”. The only thing that came to mind (which actively came out of my mouth) at that second was, you don’t have enough wipes, she only had one in her hand.


Can you imagine my horror that is on my face and going through my mind at this point?!? I am just glad I use The Honest Company’s Hypoallergenic Baby Wipes. They are so durable and thick; you only need a couple if not just one (on a normal basis).

She then turns to get more wipes that she left in the bedroom behind the door.  Well then the smell hits me… poop in a hot steam filled bathroom is not good.  Panic sinks in… I am stranded… in the shower… with conditioner in my hair.  I have no choice but to finish washing off so I can get out and handle this situation.  Of course, all these thoughts are going through my head as I watch her trying to wipe his butt as he stands on the stool.  As all of you know, with kids, things move very quickly and escalate even quicker.  So somehow they end up back in the bedroom and all I can hear is her trying to lay him down on the floor trying to get a diaper on him, or something.

At this point I am almost done washing my hair out and panicking to get out as quick as I can.  I’m surprised I didn’t fall and bust my tail in the shower to be honest.

I hear “uh oh”, and I respond with “what happened?”.  Of course, as I am turning off the shower I see him coming in the bathroom laughing and going crazy, still diaper-less. I soon find out my daughter decided it was a good idea to lay him on my husband’s pillow, that he sleeps with for his legs and she manages getting the poop on it.  I then see her grabbing the wipes and trying to clean it off, totally something I would try (I told you the Honest Company’s Hypoallergenic Baby Wipes are AWESOME).  Hey at least she tried.  I try to tell her that it’s alright and to just leave it alone.  The only thing I can do with that thing now is throw it in the washer!

At this moment, as I dry off, I turn into a mommy on a mission. I get my daughter to grab the wipes and bring them to me as I wrangle my son and lay him on the bathroom floor, thank goodness for tile! I get him cleaned off, finally, just in time for freak out mom mode kicks in.  Not knowing where he went, or what he touched, or if she got any on her, or if she touched anything with nasty on her hand.  So bath time for the both of them it is!

I get both kids in the bath to clean off as I scour the room for nasty on the floor or on anything.   She had brought the diaper to me as I was cleaning him off and I noticed it was on the outside of the diaper.  She had not rolled it into that nice little ‘roll and seal’ like I normally do, so there was no telling where it would be at.

Thank goodness I only saw it on the pillow!  His clothes went straight to the laundry!  After we all got bathed and clothed, I get a chance to take his basket of clothes down to wash since it was already full. I realize, ‘O hey! Good thing I threw these clothes in here’, they had managed to get some on his shorts. Yuk!

Good thing it was laundry day!


What are some of your crazy stories you have had with your kids? I would love to hear some of your O NO! moments.


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