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The Honest Company

When I was pregnant with our second child, our son, we were talking about the best way to do diapers.  We were tired of running to the store when we ran out of diapers because it never fails, it’s at night when no one wants to leave.

Yes, this is something that could be prevented but… we’re all lazy when we work all day and come home to relax.

We knew we loved the Honest Co. diapers from using them with our daughter.  We only used them for a short amount of time before we started potty training but, I knew that was our top option.  With Target selling them we could just drive down to the store and pick up what we wanted.

But then we are left with the same problem… running out of diapers.

I always saw the Honest Diapers & Wipes Bundle (affiliate) being advertised on TV and Ads online so I figured it would be a great idea to look it up.

Let’s just say, I liked what I saw! For $79.95 per shipping order (can range from 3 weeks to 8 weeks) you get 6 packs of diapers and 4 packs of wipes.  You can also save up to 25% on 3 more items! I usually take the awesome offer of saving on more items and get more wipes, Honest conditioning detangler for my daughter, and even fruit and veggie wash to make sure all those horrible pesticides and such are cleaned off.

Of course, I have more reasons on why I love them O so much but that’s just the gist of how it works.  You pick your prints you want, what day you would like them to ship, and then how often.

Simple, right?

My little one is sneaking in the picture 🙂

They also send you an email a couple days before to remind you in case you need to update.


8 Reason to do the Honest Co. Subscription:

You never have to leave home

Ok I know this sounds like the lazy part but, look at how many subscriptions there are now a days. From filters for your HVAC system, to pet supplies, so why not an essential like diapers?  For me, leaving home with 2 kids by myself to go to the store for some diapers, or waiting for the hubby to get off to go get some is just more complicated.

Can pick awesome exclusive prints

The Honest Co. offers exclusive prints to their subscribers before they hit stores.  Sometimes certain prints are only offered thru the subscription. The prints change with seasons and even holidays with styles for boys and girl.  I feel like I always get compliments on how cute my kid’s diapers are, kinda odd thinking about it, but hey!

Can order 3 extra items @ a discount

I love having this option, it just makes the subscription better! I usually order more wipes and stuff like I stated above, but you can order pretty much anything you want extra.  They have household cleaners, bath items, beach wear, pretty much anything you would need for the baby or house.  These items are optional but, I’m going to get the stuff anyways so, I take advantage of the discount.

Auto ships so you never run out

This is the best thing to me.  I can pick how many weeks apart I want or, I can pick a date on the awesome calendar they have on their website or APP.  I always make sure its set up to ship when I have one pack of diapers left so I don’t have too much sitting around waiting to be used, that would be a waste of money.  Depending on how long it takes for UPS to get to your house and other factors you may do yours a little differently.

No chemicals and organic materials

From the Honest Co. diaper details on honest.com: Our super-absorbent, eco-friendly* diapers — made with naturally derived, plant-based, and sustainable materials* — are ultra soft, hypoallergenic, made without chlorine processing and additives (like fragrances, lotions, and latex).

Having kids with sensitive skin makes this is important to me.  Who knows what kind of chemicals other companies use on diapers, the diapers that are on your babies’ privates?!

They have everything for the home

Besides diapers and wipes, The Honest Company also offers feeding products, personal care, cleaning, vitamins, gear, gifts, and more!  They also offer a beauty line.  Most of these categories have items you can add to your bundle and get up to 25% off 3 items.

Free gifts

Every couple of months the Honest Co. sends out emails to their subscribers with promo codes to get different free items when your bundle is shipped.  The only downside to that is sometimes I receive the email after my bundle is shipped so I miss out.  I have gotten things like a free canvas bag and even some eye shadow, sometimes you get to pick what you want from a list of items.

Great customer service

Anytime I have called their customer service, someone with a very welcoming and loving voice answers the phone asking how they can assist me.  It is not just some cube office filled with people who hate their job.  I called when I first set up the subscription about the diaper order I had put in, I thought the diapers weren’t going to work for my son because the ones I bought at Target were leaking.  She explained that I just had a size that was too small for my son and she would send me a shipping label free of charge to send the order back when they arrived while at the same time putting in the order for the new size of diapers.  It was simple and easy and I never felt confused or stressed talking to them.


I hope that if you debating about ordering the Honest Co. Subscription that this helps in your decision.  I love the company and know you will too!


If you already use the Honest Company, tell me what you think about them and what you love! I would love to hear what your family’s favorite items are from them.


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