5 Best Toys for 1 Year Old

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We just celebrated my son’s first birthday back in February, YAY! This is always a big milestone for any parent so it was very exciting! Well now that my son is more mobile and is thinking about things more, i.e. toys that interest him, I have noticed some that he has come a liking to and thought it would be a great idea to share with you, my fellow mommies and daddies. I always use to find myself searching for that toy that would entertain my child and keep him happy, but after I got rid of a bunch and bunch of toys and put some rules in place for toys it actually helped a bunch!  I will be writing on how we went from tubs and tubs of toys to just 2 toy boxes and a few extra big things for two kids soon.  With only having a few toys that are in my kids age range helps a lot to see what they love.  Alright I know I’m rambling… sorry I just get carried away sometimes.
Soooo here’s the list:


This is not only a cute set with little animals that all fit inside the ark for nice and tidy clean up, but they are a hard plastic yet soft so they are great for the little one to chew on when (s)he is teething.

I should have put this one at the top of the list because as of this moment, this is his favorite toy.  The car carrier has vibrant colorful parts that move and the convertible car, that comes with it, can turn on and off.  The car itself has sensors on the bottom, for when it rolls over certain parts of the carrier it says different things, along with the funny face windshield when pushed.  This toy helps my little one learn how pieces go together by sliding the car in and out of the carrier.

I love this block set because of the fun colors that it comes with!  The blocks are a perfect size for a one year old and easy for them to learn how to put the pieces together.  The blocks come with a predictable but very cute crayon shaped case for storage (we have the green one).  It comes in different colors and block amounts to choose from.

This is a toy one of the family members got my son for Christmas and it was perfect.  It comes with a ‘hammer’ type of toy that is supposed to be used to hit the colorful pieces that go down and make music.  We don’t use it, seems like an idea that doesn’t work well with little ones.  My three almost four-year-old uses it, but for my one year old we stick with our hands. J The lights and music keeps him entertained for quite a while, for a one year old.

Talk about hand me downs J . My daughter had this toy given to her for either her birthday or Christmas one year and she just didn’t play with it all that much because of her thousand other toys she had at the time and it just got pushed to the bottom of the toy box.  With a lot less toys now my one year old loves it.  The train is set up with different animals and each animal makes a different musical sound from either a flute or drums, etc.  It is fun for him to push around while hitting the animals on top to make music.

What are your kids’ favorite toys for their age range? I would love to hear what is a hit in your house!
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